Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Our house faces due East. Oh how lovely to be woken at 5am by the glorious sun rising over the horizon. So beautiful! This weekend temperatures are forecast as high as 32ºC here in the UK (or at least, they are in London – the rest of us may not be quite so hot). What the weather forecasters sometimes forget to mention is the humidity; our ‘green and pleasant land’ sweats like a steam room on hot days. On the radio the other day they passed on a tip from the Mediterranean. I’d already heard this before but you may not so I am sharing here. What our southern European cousins do is to close all windows and curtains (or shutters, I suppose) on the side where the sun is. For us this means closing the windows and keeping the curtains drawn at the front of the house in the morning, with those at the back of the house left open. As the day progresses, we open the windows at the front of the house and close windows and curtains at the back. We leave windows open all night and avoid going out in the middle of the day. We live at the top of a hill so there is always a good breeze. In terms of the environment, this is relevant for two reasons:

1) We’re going to have to get used to hotter days in the summer, and

2) This method lessens use of electric fans, which must use a lot of electricity on days like these!


On a postive note: that sun ‘don’t half get yer washing dry ever so quick!’, as my Nana used to say. Now that reminds me…